Quick Guide for eFlexFuel

Thank you for your decision to become an
eFlexFuel driver. By choosing ethanol
fuel you will significantly reduce your emissions and save money.

eFlexFuel has
been installed to thousands of different vehicles and our customers drive over 10M
kilometers(7M miles) with the
device each month. Furthermore, the E85 ethanol fuel contains additives that
make its lubrication and corrosion prevention features on par with regular
gasoline. Therefore, you can trust that you can use E85 fuel in your vehicle

operates completely automatically and after installation does not required any
attention from the user. However, to ensure the optimal functionality of the
device the vehicle should be adequately maintained and in normal working
condition. In this guide we will briefly tell about using eFlexFuel and ethanol
fuel to ensure that you have the best possible driving experience no matter
which fuel you use.

eFlexFuel vehicle maintenance

When driving
with eFlexFuel and ethanol fuel you can still follow the regular maintenance
schedule recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. We recommend to ensure
that especially the following components are in normal working condition:

  • Spark plugs: Usually the replacement interval recommended by the manufacturer is appropriate
  • Fuel filter (if there is): Replacement preferably every 50 000 km (30 000 miles)
  • Motor oil and oil filter: Always use the oil recommended by the vehicle manufacturer with SN classification. If the oil change interval is 15 000 km (10 000 miles) or less it is sufficient. If the oil change interval is 30 000 km (20 000 miles) or 24 months we recommend to cut it down to 20 000 km (12 000 miles) and 18 months
  • Fuel pump: If the vehicle has done over 200 000 km (125 000 miles) with the same fuel pump its performance might have deteriorated. Ethanol needs to be injected more than gasoline and thus the condition of the fuel pump is crucial. As fuel pump is a component that wears out it should be replaced if needed. Based on our experiences we recommend pumps from quality manufacturers like Bosch, Delphi and Walbro.

Please note that besides the mileage and the age of the vehicle the circumstances where the it is used and the way it is driven has a great impact on the durability and maintenance needs. For instance, if the vehicle is driven for only short distances in cold the maintenance intervals should be shorter no matter what fuel is used.

eFlexFuel vehicle in winter conditions

eFlexFuel has
been designed, tested and manufactured in one of the coldest countries on
earth, Finland. Thus, lot of emphasis has been put into ensuring that the
device and the vehicle will work also in extreme cold. eFlexFuel vehicle will
start even in the coldest temperatures. But in the most extreme conditions with
pure E85 fuel it might require couple of starts. We highly recommend using an
engine heater whenever it is possible.

If the vehicle is properly maintained it can be driven with E85 fuel around the year. If cold starts are sluggish we recommend to add up to 10% of regular gasoline in the tank. This can be done by for example filling up with 10 liters (3 gallons) of regular in every other fill up.

Filling up and consumption of eFlexFuel vehicle

enables using both regular gasoline and ethanol (E85)or any mix of the two in the vehicle.
We highly recommend using fuel with as high ethanol content as possible (E85)
but if it is not available the vehicle will still work perfectly on regular
gasoline as well. When E85 is used the consumption of the vehicle compared to
regular gasoline is increased by approx. 25% depending on the vehicle. Please
do note that the onboard computer of the vehicle does not recognize this

eFlexFuel App

eFlexFuel App is an additional feature that is not required for using eFlexFuel. It enables monitoring in real time engine and fuel data. User can for example view the ethanol content of the fuel or the injector duty cycle. eFlexFuel App can be downloaded for free from Google Play store or from iOS App Store. More information about the app can be found here.