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Please check out the site before approaching us using the form.

Present these vehicle details in your message:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Dicplacement
  • Power
  • Year
  • VIN code (optional but help us a lot!)


We always prioritize support issues first.

Please write at least the following things to help us respond as quickly and easily as possible:

  • What version of control unit do you use? (Found on the nameplate behind the control unit)
  • What firmware does the device have? Found on eFlexFuel App (optional)
  • Where did you buy eFlexFuel?
  • Where did you install eFlexFuel?
  • What is the vehicle? (VIN code, make, model, cylinder count, power, etc…)


Please contact us first before making reclamations or return any components. It makes much easier to operate if third party companies (PayPal, DHL, etc..) is not between our process.

We do not give money back (PayPal, Credit card) if the eFlexFuel device and all its content is not returned back to us!

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